Colin is a secondary character featured in Spaced. He is Daisy and Tim's pet dog.

Background Edit

Colin is a Miniature Schnauzer that was purchased from the dog pound by Daisy. He was shortly going to be put down as dogs could only stay at the shelter awaiting adoption for a limited time. His life before his incarceration in the dog pound is unknown. He was named after Daisy's childhood pet cardboard box.

Appearances Edit

Colin first appears in "Battles", in which Daisy, accompanied by her best friend, Twist Morgan, visits the dog pound and adopts Colin shortly after learning that he is going to be put down. Daisy's flatmate, Tim Bisley, is initially unimpressed at Daisy's purchase, citing severe caniphobia. However, Colin later becomes a valuable and beloved member of the household.

Trivia Edit

  • Ada, the dog actor that portrayed Colin, passed away on 22 April 2010.
  • Throughout the series, Ada is incorrectly credited as Aida.
  • In 'Skip To The End', it was mentioned that Ada did not co-operate all that well, when required to interact with Jessica Hynes, the actress who portrayed Daisy.