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Daisy Ann Steiner is a main character featured in Spaced


Daisy is the daughter of Ben and Emily Steiner. She also has an older brother and a younger sister. She was born in 1975 in Richmond, within the London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, England. She has been friends with Twist Morgan since childhood. She graduated from Kingston 'Poly-University!' with a third in Humanities in 1996.

Daisy is an aspiring writer, although she tends to spend most of her time actively avoiding doing any writing - or any other actual work for that matter. Her greatest desire was to go to India and see the Taj Mahal, a goal which she accomplished between series one and two after having actually published some articles for a change (her trip was also aided by inheritance money from her deceased aunt, Samantha Steiner).


Daisy first appears during "Beginnings", in which she meets Tim Bisley. They bond over mutual homelessness and, over the course of a few weeks, help each other try to find the perfect living arrangements. They find a flat they like, but it is listed for "professional couples only". So, the pair fake a relationship and are allowed to move in.

Daisy does actually have a boyfriend at the start of the series called Richard (whom she calls "Boss Hog"), who lives in Hull but who dumps her in the episode "Battles".

In "Chaos", Daisy's Star Wars code name is Leia.

Daisy and Tim are good friends from the beginning, but it develops into a deep romantic tension. They were clearly a perfect match from the beginning, as they both liked each other and enjoyed living together. They got a dog called Colin, and they fondly refer to him as the baby in the relationship.

In the documentary Skip to the End it is revealed that Daisy and Tim finally end up together and have a child


  • Daisy is scared of mice and spiders. Tim speculates that she may be even more scared that the two may cross breed and form an all-powerful race.
  • 'Dizzy Steinway' is Daisy's benefits sign-on name, but she tells Tyres the name is for a new character.
  • Daisy's club name is Happy Daiz.