Damien Knox is the head of Dark Star Comics, the company that Tim desperately longed to work for.

Overview Edit

When Tim first submitted his portfolio, Damien laughed him out of the office. Tim had since been haunted by visions of Damien laughing at him. During this time, Damian is parodied by Tim in his artwork proclaiming "I'm a massive wanker".

Damian is shown to be considering "new blood" at Dark Star, whereupon Sophie suggested that he re-examine Tim's work. Tim got the call to re-submit his portfolio and hastily removed the offensive picture of Damian; however, Daisy inadvertently replaced it. Luckily for Tim, Sophie removed it before Damian could see it.

When Damian reviewed Tim's portfolio, he was impressed and hired Tim.

Character quirksEdit

  • Damian has a false or otherwise impeded right eye; it appears as pure white.
  • In the DVD commentary, it is revealed that Damien is based on Herr Starr from Preacher.