Sophie is Damien's alluring assistant at Dark Star Comics. She is portrayed by Lucy Akhurst.

Overview Edit

She helped Tim get hired at Dark Star, first by suggesting Damien re-examine Tim's portfolio and then by removing the derogatory picture of Damien that Daisy had accidentally enclosed within it. Whilst doing so, she discovered a picture that Tim had drawn of her, suggesting that he found her attractive.

Tim was visibly embarrassed but Sophie was bemused and suggested that they go for a drink. They began dating and have a lot of fun, provoking jealousy in both Daisy and Mike. In the last episode of series 2, she got a job offer at Marvel Comics in the American city of Seattle and decided to move away. Tim was gutted, but ultimately forgoes taking Sophie to the airport in favour of going to find Daisy.

Character quirks Edit

  • Sophie mostly calls Tim "Bisley" as opposed to his first name.

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