Timothy Bisley is a main character featured in Spaced.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tim is the son of John and Gillian Bisley, and the older brother of Katie Bisley. He was born 17 September 1974 in Highgate, North London, England. He has been best friends with Mike Watt since childhood. Mike wishes desperately that he could join the British Army, but unfortunately is ineligible owing to the detached retinas he received following a painful childhood accident when jumping from a tree after being egged on by Tim. This accident made him unable to enlist. Tim was formerly in a relationship with Sarah, but she left him for Duane Benzie, Tim's friend. He has suffered extreme emotional damage from this, including paranoia and mood swings.

Tim is an aspiring graphic artist and greatly desires to work as an artist for Dark Star Comics. He frequently draws and has even developed an idea for his own series, revolving around a mad scientist (Doktor Mandrake) and his insane experiments. He works as the assistant manager at Fantasy Bazaar, a comic store, with his friend and boss Bilbo Bagshot.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Tim first appears during "Beginnings", in which he meets Daisy Steiner. They bond over mutual homelessness and, over the course of a few weeks, help each other try to find the perfect living arrangements. They do, but it is listed for "professional couples only". So, the pair fake a relationship and are allowed to move in.

Daisy and Tim are good friends from the beginning, but it develops into a deep romantic tension. They were clearly a perfect match from the beginning, as they both liked each other and enjoyed living together. They got a dog called Colin, and they fondly refer to him as the baby in the relationship.

In the documentary Skip to the End it is revealed that Daisy and Tim finally end up together and have a child

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tim's family is a reference to actor Simon Pegg's real life family; his mother, Gillian Pegg (neé Smith), father John Beckingham, and younger sister Katy Pegg. Katy portrayed a friend of Amber Klein in "Gatherings".
  • His club name is Timothy B..
  • Tim has extreme canyphobia, which he misinterprets as being a fear of bamboo, rather than the fear of dogs. He conquers his fear through bonding with Daisy's dog Colin.
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