Abstract expressionism is so mid-to-late eighties.

Vulva, birth name Ian, is a minor character featured in Spaced.

Background Edit

Vulva is a former artistic partner of Brian Topp. During the 1980s, they performed abstract art together before separating.

Vulva eventually paired up with Hoover, and sent Brian an invitation to their new performance in the episode "Art". Brian is still in awe of Vulva and wishes to impress, but upon meeting Vulva his nerves fail him and Vulva in turn behaves in a condescending manner to him, belittling him and the work they did together.

Meanwhile, Tim, who has also attended the show with Daisy, is experiencing zombie hallucinations after a night spent taking "dodgy speed" and a large amount of time playing Resident Evil. He hallucinates that Vulva is a zombie about to attack Brian and punches Vulva in the face. They leave the show and Brian sees Tim as his hero.