Yolanda is the head interviewer at Flaps, a women's magazine that Daisy applies for a job with. She is portrayed by Claire Rushbrook.

Overview Edit

In "Art", Daisy receives a letter inviting her to an interview at Flaps. Tim offers her a pull on a joint before she goes, which turns out to be a mistake.

At the interview, Yolanda seems to know the other interviewees on a personal level, which doesn't bode well for Daisy. When Daisy is invited into the interview room, Yolanda explains that their tag for the magazine is "Big, Hard, Now". She launches into a speil about the magazine, which Daisy misses as she tunes out to the sound of the theme to the Magic Roundabout.

01x03 Big Hard Now

"Big, hard, now".

After a couple of barely-related questions to Daisy about feminism, Yolanda very insincerely thanks Daisy for coming. A baffled Daisy leaves the interview by saying "Girl Power!" and making the peace sign with her fingers, a la the Spice Girls, then immediately regrets it.